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06. juli 2017

New publication in Environmental Microbiology

Low-abundant species facilitates specific spatial organization that promotes multispecies biofilm formation

Environmental Microbiology: doi:10.1111/1462-2920.13816

Wenzheng Liu, Jakob Russel, Henriette L. Røder, Jonas S. Madsen, Mette Burmølle and Søren J. Sørensen*

Microorganisms frequently co-exist in matrixembeddedmultispecies
biofilms.Within biofilms, interspecies interactions influence the spatial organization of member species, which likely play an important role in shaping the development, structure and function of these communities. Here, a reproducible four-species biofilm, composed of Stenotrophomonas rhizophila, Xanthomonas retroflexus, Microbacterium oxydans and Paenibacillus amylolyticus, was established to study the importance of individual species spatial organization during multispecies biofilm development. We found that the growth of species that are poor biofilm