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23. august 2016

New publication

Metagenome data provides valuable comparative information on soil microeukaryotes

Jacquiod S, Stenbæk J, Santos SS, Winding A, Sørensen SJ, Priemé A.

Despite the critical ecological roles of microeukaryotes in terrestrial ecosystems, most descriptive studies of soil microbes published so far has focused only on specific groups.

At the Section of Microbiology, we took advantage of public metagenomes in order
to investigate microeukaryote communities in a wellcharacterized grassland soil. The data gathered allowed the evaluation of several factors impacting the community structure, including the DNA extraction method, the database choice and also the annotation procedure.

The results are just published in Research in Microbiology 167, 436-450 (2016).

Keywords: Metagenome; Microeukaryote; Soil

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