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21. september 2016

New publications

Two new publications from Section of Microbiology in PLoS ONE and The ISME Journal

Distinct gene expression profile of Xanthomonas retroflexus engaged in synergistic multispecies biofilm formation

The ISME Journal (2016)

Hansen Lea Benedicte Skov, Ren Dawei, Burmølle, Mette, Sørensen, Søren Johannes

This  study  presents  a  comparative  gene  expression  analysis  of  the
Xanthomonas retroflexus transcriptome when grown in a single-species biofilm and in  dual- and four-species consortia with Stenotrophomonas  rhizophila, Microbacterium  oxydans and Paenibacillus  amylolyticus.
The  results  revealed complex interdependent interaction patterns in the multispecies

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Type 3 Fimbriae Encoded on Plasmids Are Expressed from a Unique  Promoter without Affecting  Host Motility, Facilitating an Exceptional Phenotype That Enhances Conjugal Plasmid Transfer

PLoS ONE September 2016

Madsen, Jonas Stenløkke, Riber, Leise, Kot, witold, Basfeld Alrun, Burmølle Mette, Hansen Lars Hestbjerg, Sørensen, Søren Johannes.

Using known and newly characterized plasmids we show that the expression of type 3 fimbriae encoded on plasmids is systematically different, as MrkH, a c-di-GMP dependent transcriptional activator is not needed for strong expression of the fimbriae

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