Metaproteome Analysis of Microbial Biofilm Consortia in Food Production Lines

Multispecies biofilms present in the food-processing environment can cause dissemination of bacteria, including pathogens, to food which can lead to severe human infections. Interspecific bacterial interactions are highly important for the dynamics and productivity in multispecies biofilms, but the functional mechanisms of these interactions are poorly described.


Metaproteome Analysis of Microbial Biofilm Consortia in Food Production Lines is currently a Ph.D. project aiming to apply metaproteome analysis on mono- and multispecies biofilms in order to identify proteins that facilitate interspecific synergistic and antagonistic effects. The results obtained will have direct relevance for hygiene measures in food production lines and elsewhere, where the impacts of microbial consortia are harmful. These findings will also be applicable to optimization of starter cultures and probiotics etc. where efficient and productive bacterial consortia are required.


The project is funded by the The Danish Council for Independent Research, Ministry of Science, Inovation and Higher Education. Funding ID:DFF – 1335-00071.
Link: The Danish Council for Independent Research


The project is a collaboration between the Section for Microbiology, Department of Biology at University of Copenhagen, and Enzyme and Protein Chemistry, Department of Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
Associate Professor Mette Burmølle, Section of Microbiology, is main supervisor on the project, along with with Professor Søren Sørensen, Section of Microbiology, and Professor Birte Svensson, Department of Systems Biology. 

Scientific Personel on the Project

Jakob Herschend, Ph.d. student.