Comparison of degradation of wood in Denmark and Malaysia – Section of Microbiology - University of Copenhagen

05. januar 2017

Comparison of degradation of wood in Denmark and Malaysia

Project type: Bachelor or Master

Before new products for the protection of wood can be approved, they undergo a field test, demonstrating that the product is effective under realistic conditions.
To performe these tests under Danish conditions can take up to 12-15 years before results are available. For a company that will market a new product, this is unacceptable. In order to accelerate the process, the product is therefore tested under tropical conditions where degradation is not stopped by low temperature or low rainfall in parts of the year.
In this way the results are achieved within 3-5 years.

Since it is very different climate zones - and continents that the tests are carried out under, there is a desire to determine the organisms that have degraded the subjects in Denmark and Malaysia. respectively

Supervisors: Bo Jensen (
In collaboration with Morten Klamer—Teknologisk Institut, Tåstrup