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5 seneste bevillinger

Immediate cellular responses to transcription-replication conflicts
Beløb: 1,300,000 DKK
Bevillingsmodtager: Assistant Professor Vibe H. Østergaard, Section for Computational and RNA Biology

Understanding the impact of genetic variants on transcriptional activities using deep learning
Beløb: 1,500,000 DKK
Bevillingsmodtager: Assistant Professor Robin Andersson, Section for Computational and RNA Biology

How mutations affect protein stability in a hereditary disease
Beløb: 1,889,841 DKK
Bevillingsmodtager: Professor Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen, Section for Biomolecular Sciences

mRNA decapping and decay in cellular reprogramming
Beløb: 1,475,214 DKK
Bevillingsmodtager: Professor Morten Petersen, Section for Functional Genomics

Dissecting the role of DLG1 in regulating the length and function of primary cilia: implications for cystic kidney disease
Beløb: 2,400,000 DKK
Bevillingsmodtager: Associate Professor Lotte Bang Pedersen, Section for Cell Biology and Physiology