22. maj 2020

Eight DFF grants to the Department of Biology


Eight researchers from the Department of Biology have received large grants from the Independent Research Fund Denmark. DFF have supported 29 research projects from SCIENCE.

This year, the Independent Research Fund Denmark have supported 202 original ideas from a wide range of research areas across the country with a total investment of DKK 696 million.

Recipients of grants at the Department of Biology:

Associate Professor Anders Albrechtsen
Title: ‘Models for human adaptation to identify and understand genetic variation affecting phenotypes and health
Amount: 2.870.488

Professor Anders Michelsen
Title: ‘High Arctic greening through cryptogamic facilitation (GreenArc)
Amount: 2.866.614

Professor Henriette Pilegaard
Title: ‘Novel mechanisms in pyruvate dehydrogenase regulation in skeletal muscle
Amount: 2.879.994

Associate Professor Kaare Teilum 
Title: ‘Domesticated Gag proteins as encapsulation and delivery systems
Amount: 2.879.636 DKK

Professor Karsten Kristiansen
Title: ‘Genetic basis of long lifespan: de novo discovery and experimental analysis of longevity genes
Amount: 2.812.002 DKK

Professor Stine Helene Falsig Pedersen
Title: ‘pH as a signal regulating lipid-dependent cellular signaling and lipid metabolism
Amount: 2.864.187

Professor Stine Helene Falsig Pedersen
Title: ‘The interplay between DNA damage response pathway and acidic microenvironment in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Amount: 2.879.543

Associate Professor Xu Peng
Title: ‘Molecular Mechanisms governing CRISPR-mediated cell dormancy’
Amount: 6.188.264

Find the press release from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (in Danish) here