6. september 2019

Ida Moltke is a co-editor on Handbook of Statistical Genomics

Statistical Genomics

A timely update of a highly popular handbook on statistical genomics

Assistant Professor Ida Moltke, Department of Biology, has contributed as a co-author to this two-volume 4th edition of a classic text provides a thorough introduction to statistical genomics, a vital resource for advanced graduate students, early-career researchers and new entrants to the field. The handbook is widely regarded as the reference work on the field, it features new chapters focusing on statistical aspects of data generated by new sequencing technologies, including sequence-based functional assays. 

Assistant professor Ida Moltke

This new edition expands on previous coverage of the many processes between genotype and phenotype, including gene expression, epigenetics and metabolomics. But it also includes new chapters on the multi-species coalescent, admixture and ancient DNA, as well as genetic association studies including causal analyses and variant interpretation. 

The Handbook of Statistical Genomics is over 1200 pages. Read more about the extensive work and the book here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781119487845