24. oktober 2019

Kim F. Rewitz receives 5 mDKK from the Lundbeck Foundation

Lundbeck Foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation has decided to support 20 research projects - each receiving 5 million DKK from the Ascending Investigators support program. The program aims to support established, experienced and talented health science researchers and potentially make a significant contribution to the health sciences. Associate Professor Kim F. Rewitz from Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen is one of them.

Everyone enjoys the mental satisfaction a hearty meal brings. This sense of well-being arises when your gut tissues sends signals to your brain that it is full of food to digest. Similar types of signals inform your brain about the nutritional content of the food you eat, and about the health of the gut itself.

Recent findings show that through these signals, a chronically unhealthy gut can trigger mental distress or disorders including anxiety and depression. With this funding from the Lundbeck foundation, Kim F. Rewitz and his group aim to identify gut signals that affect mental function, looking at readouts affected by mental disorders including sleep, memory, aggression, and sensitivity to startling stimuli.

Associate Professor Kim F. Rewitz

- I hope our findings will inform future mental-health therapies and approaches. With this program we now have the opportunity to focus even more on the topic.

Kim F. Rewitz is associated with Section of Cell- and Neurobiology at the Department of Biology.