22. september 2021

Villum Synergy grant for BIO-researcher


A new data-driven interdisciplinary research collaboration has seen the light of day: Professor Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen, Department of Biology & Professor Anders Krogh, Department of Computer Science have just received DKK 2,6 million from VILLUM FONDEN for their project: The evolution and function of lysine desert proteins

The focus of the project is the evolution and function of the so called lysine desert proteins. Recently the researchers identified a group of roughly 200 different human proteins that surprisingly contain long stretches of up to 1000 residues completely devoid of lysine - an overlooked evolutionary oddity in our proteins.

The new interdisciplinary research group will explore these special proteins by use of bioinformatics and computational biology combined with focused biological and genetic experiments in both human cells and in yeast.

The Villum Synergy programme was established to enable researchers, through interdisciplinary research collaborations, to make important scientific breakthroughs in the spaces between computer science and other disciplines.

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Sidsel Kretzschmer Henriksen