The Marine Biological Section is placed on two physical locations: Strandpromenaden 5, 3000 Helsingør and Nørre Campus, Universitetsparken 4, 1st floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Several facilities in Helsingør are shared with the Øresund Aquarium, BIO, located at the same address. Several facilities in Copenhagen are shared with the Freshwater Section, BIO, located at UP4, 3rd floor.

Strandpromenaden, Helsingør

The buildings in Helsingør include, beside office spaces for personnel and students, 9 functional laboratories, 6 climate rooms, an auditorium, and 2 teaching rooms (both with running sea water) for 16 and 32 students, respectively.

The lab-facilities support a wide range of research disciplines and techniques, and contain in addition to the most appropriate modern experimental equipment:

  • Flowcytometry
  • Molecular laboratory (RNA/DNA), GMO classified
  • Optical coherence tomography system (Thorlabs Ganymed II).
  • Setups for construction and testing of fiber-optic, planar, & particle-based optical sensing.
  • Automated measuring setups for electrochemical and fiber-optic microsensor measurements
  • Fiber-optic and imaging systems for chlorophyll fluorescence measurements
  • Hyperspectral imaging system (300-1100 nm)
  • Life-time based ratiometric imaging systems for chemical imaging of O2 and pH.
  • Flow-injection analysis system (FeLUMEII) for automated chemical analysis.
  • Coral growth facilities (1000 L tank + several smaller tanks, closed system).
  • Bioimaging: Light-, UV- and laser microscopy, for high quality- and live imaging
  • Automated respirometry for invertebrates and fish
  • Swim tunnel respirometers for exercising fish
  • Equipment for video tracking of fish – live w. optional feed-back as well as post experiment
  • ECG, blood flow and blood pressure equipment for fish cardiac physiology
  • Temperature preference systems for fish
  • Radio isotope facilities
  • Algal culture facilties
  • Recirculating seawater system with sandfilters, protein skimmers, ozone and uv and a capacity of 25 m3/h and 240 m3 in total. App. 30 psu and temperature controlled at 10 and 5 degrees celsius.
  • HPLC system for analysis of pigments and other compounds
  • C-N analyzer
  • Coulter counter
  • 2 large wetlabs for experimental work
  • 6 climate rooms (2-25 degrees celsius)
  • 3 vessels/boats for research and collection including trawling- and dredging gear, coresampler, Van Veen sampler, CTD (SBE25), video and diving, 240V outlet and salt water pump.

Universitetsparken, Copenhagen

The facilities in UP4, Copenhagen includes besides office spaces for personnel and students, 8 functional laboratories, 11 climate rooms, and 1 teaching room for 34 students.

  • Algae culture collection
  • Molecular laboratory (RNA/DNA)
  • Electron microscopy laboratory with multiple advanced facilities for embedding, thin and thick sectioning, and stainings (including 3 older and a new UC7 Leica Ultramicrotome), as well as a critical point dryer a.o. for SEM specimen preparations.
  • Slide scanner for serial high-quality histology imaging
  • Immunochemistry laboratory
  • Transmission electron microscope
  • In situ hybridization laboratory
  • Olympus FV1000 confocal Laser scanning microscope with 4 lasers
  • Two computer working stations with 2 Imaris, and 1 Amira licenses for 3D analyses
  • Multiple advanced light-, UV- and spinning disc microscopes (upright and inverted) with automatized camera/video for high quality- and live imaging.
  • Electro-physiology laboratory
  • Wetlab for experimental work
  • 11 climate rooms (4-21 degrees celsius)

Research vessel "Ophelia"