PhD in marine biology

At the Marine Biological Section (MBS) we are dedicated to the education of new PhDs via the Faculty of Science PhD School. The research, and topics of ongoing PhD studies in the section, covers a broad array of projects spanning from viruses to large sharks.

We strive to promote the education of highly qualified and independent young researchers. The group leader generally acts as the project supervisor and supports and advises the student during the research period. The progress is evaluated according to the guidelines provided by the PhD school. The program is generally very international where students are encouraged to undertake visits abroad with our collaborators, and/or carry out international field work. Internationally renowned scientists are often recruited as censors at PhD-exams.  

The PhD students of the Department of Biology each year arrange a PhD day. This is an inspiring way to establish connections and get to know other PhD students in the department.

If you are interested in joining the Marine Biological Section as a PhD student you are welcome to contact the individual supervisors directly.

Current PhD students at MBS

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bergsson, Heidrikur PhD fellow  +45 353-31515 E-mail
Binzer, Sofie Bjørnholt PhD fellow  +45 353-31806 E-mail
Blossom, Hannah Eva PhD student  +45 353-31497 E-mail
Christensen, Emil Aputsiaq Flindt PhD fellow  +45 353-32897 E-mail
Drumm, Kirstine PhD fellow  +45 353-35483 E-mail
Gonzalez, Brett Christopher PhD student  +45 353-30186 E-mail
Hallstrøm, Søren PhD fellow  +45 353-31089 E-mail
Happel, Elisabeth Münster PhD fellow  +45 353-37698 E-mail
Jørgensen, Jóhanna PhD fellow  +45 353-30476 E-mail
Mosshammer, Maria PhD fellow  +45 353-33513 E-mail
Nielsen, Sofie Katrine Dam PhD fellow  +45 353-33439 E-mail