Summer courses

The Marine Biological Section offers a bachelor and a master summer courses. Both courses represent a unique opportunity for 1 week’s complete immersion into the marine environment. During the week you will stay at a nearby youth hostel.

The bachelor summer course (Marinbiologisk sommerkursus) is taught in Danish. The course gives you knowledge about animals and plants (micro- and macroalgae) in different Danish marine biotopes. Also the most common field sampling methods will be used (including snorkeling). You will during the week work in groups with practical projects and present your results orally for your co-students.

The master summer course (Marine Faunistics: Biology and Systematics of Marine Fish and Invertebrates) are taught in English. The course provides an obvious opportunity for practical use of theoretical knowledge achieved during the BSc courses and MSc courses Marine Biology, Animal morphology and Danish Fauna – Vertebrates. The course gives you knowledge on morphology, biology and taxonomy of benthic and pelagic marine animals. It also offers on-site field work both from shore (snorkeling) and ship. The course includes student presentations, exercises and species and habitat identification.