Stine Falsig Pedersen – Department of Biology - University of Copenhagen

Stine Falsig Pedersen

Group leader, the NHE1 group

Cell Biology and Physiology
August Krogh Building, room 533           
Universitetsparken 13
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Phone: +45 353-21546/+45 20991555
Phone (Reception desk): +45 353-21699

The research interests of the NHE1 group are:

Regulation, physiology, and pathophysiology of pH regulatory ion transport proteins, in particular with respect to their roles in cancer development

Structure-function studies of Na+/H+ exchangers, with focus on their protein and lipid interaction partners

For more detailed information on our work, please see Research Aims and Projects, or contact Stine ( or (0045)-35321546).