Katrine Worsaae

Lektor/ Associate Professor

Marine Biological Section

Universitetsparken 4 
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Telefon: +45 35 33 04 33
E-mail: kworsaae@bio.ku.dk

Research areas

  • Nervous system - development, morphology, and evolution
  • Marine invertebrate organ system – morphology, function, and adaptations to the environment.
  • Evolution and systematics of Annelida and meiofauna.
  • Advanced microscopy and bioimaging such as EM, histology, immunohistochemistry, multi-staining protocols, CLSM, TEM and 3D computational modeling.
  • Molecular comparative biology using transcriptomics and genomics, total evidence phylogenetics, gene expression studies.

Ongoing projects on following taxa: Dinophilidae, Diurodrilidae, Dorvilleidae, Histriobdellidae, Myzostomida, Nerillidae, Protodrilidae, Protodriloidae, Psammodrilidae, Saccocirridae, Siboglinidae (all belonging to the phylum Annelida) as well as species of bryozoans, gastropods, bivalves, enteropneusts, cnidarians, echiurans, kinorhynchs and gastrotrichs.