Current group members:

Malte Jarlgaard Hansen

M.Sc. student (finish March 2020)  Evolution and adaptation of Nerillidae (Annelida) to anchialine cave environments 

Marc Allentoft-Larsen

M.Sc. student (finish July 2020)  Evolution and adaptation of motility patterns and morphology in scale worms to cave and deep sea pelagic habitats 

Oscar Axelsen

B.Sc. student (finish Juy 2019) Comparative molecular and morphological examinations of a putative new cave genus of Nerillidae from Miyako, Japan.

Sigrid Pedersen

B.Sc. student (finish July 2019) Subsets of D. gyrociliatus nervous system identified by specific  neurotransmitters.

Anne-Cecilie Severin Koefoed

M.Sc. student (finish Sept 2019)  Behavioural studies of Dinophilus gyrociliatus dwarf males(Annelida) and morphological reconstruction of stimulated neural circuits and pathways.

Sidsel Hald Simonsen (co-supervising with Anders Garm)

M.Sc. student (finish November 2019) Eye morphology and optic senses of Lepidonotus squamata (Aphroditiformia, Annelida)

Paula Mendoza Gonzalez  (co-supervising with Anders Garm)

M.Sc. student (finish May 2019)  Eye morphology and optic senses of bioluminscent scale worms

Tobias Nilson Stecher

MSc student (finish August 2020) Neurogenesis of Osedax japonicus (Siboglinidae, Annelida)

Rafaël Joos

M.Sc. student (finish August 2020)  Evolution and biogeography of Meioglossus (Hemichordata)

Zandra Maria Skandrup Zigvardt  co-supervising with Jørgen Olesen, SNM

Ph.D. student (finish 2019)  Evolution of Branchiopoda

 Brett Gonzalez

Post Doc at Smithsonian, Washington (2018-2020, Co-supervising with PI Karen Osborn, Smithsonian).  Assessing the evolution of extremophilic animals - through studies of scale worm anatomy, genes and phylogeny 

Alexandra Kerbl

Post Doc. (2016 - present)  Neural circuits and underlying genetics of Dinophildae 

Phd Project (PhD. 2015)  Evolution and development of the nervous system in marine meiofauna (with focus on Dinophilus and Diurodrilus, Annelida)

Maria Herranz (co-supervising with Martin V. Sørensen, SNM) Post Doc (2019-2021). Marie Curie fellow. Evolution of Kinorhynchia and segmentation within Scalidophora.


Former group members:



Margrethe Thusholt

Bachelor stud. of chemical and biotechnical technology (professionsbachelor i laboratorieteknologi)  Optimization of fixing/embedding/contrasting for TEM-sections for whole nervous system-reconstructions based on serial sections

Angéle Frisdahl

MSc. student (June 2018)  Morphology and evolution of the buccal ganglion in Gnathifera.

Majken Sejr Islin (co-supervised with Anders Garm) M. Sc. project (MSc June 2018) 
Emilie Hernes Vereide BSc. project (expected BScFebruary 2017)  Evolution and taxonomy of Trilobodrilus (Dinophilidae, Annelida).
Anna Aagaard M. Sc. project (MSc Dec 2017) Phylogeny & biogeography of Mesonerilla (Nerillidae, Annelida).
Brett Gonzalez PhD project (PhD 2017)Assessing the evolution of extremophilic animals - through studies of scale worm anatomy, genes and phylogeny
Simone Fie Andersen  (Co-supervising with J. Støttrup & G. Dinesen, DTU-aqua) M.Sc. 2017 A retrospective analysis of the Danish cormorant management using the Systems Approach Framework 
Sebastian-Alexander Stamatis  (co-supervised with Anders Garm) M. Sc. project (MSc 2017) 
Nicolas Bekkouche

Phd Project (PhD. 2016)

Evolution and development of central systems in spiralian meiofauna (with focus on Gnathifera)

Julie Terp Jørgensen

BSc. project (expected February 2017)  Evolution and taxonomy of the cave genus Longipalpa (Nerillidae, Annelida)Science project (15 ects, July 2016)  Morphological adaptations in a cave adapted annelid, Longipalpa (Nerillidae) - nephridia and symbionts.

Sofie Holdflod Nielsen  BSc. project (expected BSc February 2017)  Evolution and taxonomy of the cave genus Longipalpa (Nerillidae, Annelida)Science project (15 ects, July 2016)  Morphological adaptations in a cave adapted annelid, Longipalpa (Nerillidae) - nephridia and symbionts.
Alexander Ravndal Højsting BSc. project (July 2016)  Nervous system of Halammohydra (Cnidaria)
Julien Candrian scientific project assistant

Maria Mikkelsen

MSc project (MSc. Sep 2015)  Evolution and systematics of the genus Mesonerilla (Nerillidae, Annelida)

Akí Wang

MSc project (MSc. Oct 2015)  Life cycle studies and population phylogenetics of Dinophilus taeniatus (Dinophilidae, Annelida)

Tobias Bolt Jørgensen

MSc. project (Msc. Nov. 2015)  Evolution and adaptations of Macrochaeta (Acrocirridae, Annelida)

Science project (Jan 2014)  Molecular species concept

Vibe Gram Thomsen MSc. project (MSc. sept. 2014)  Nephridia of Nerilla antennata (Nerillidae)
Haidi Cecilie Petersen
M. Sc. project (MSc Dec. 2015) Evolution of Pisionidae (Annelida)
BSc Project (Juli 2013)  Livscyklus og myogenese hos Dinophilus gyrociliatus's hunlige stadier
Alejandro García Martinéz Post Doc (2014-2015): Meta-analysis on the origin of marine cave fauna: Insights on global ecological and evolutionary processes.
Phd Project (PhD. 2013): Meiofauna annelid colonization and adaptation to Atlantic anchialine caves.
Maikon Di Domenico Post doc (2012-2015), visiting Worsaae lab sept. 2013- august 2014.  Phd Project (August 2012), visiting from Federal University of Paraná, Brazil: Biodiversity, evolution and feeding strategies of Protodrilida (Annelida).
Sebastian-Alexander Stamatis BSc project (July 2014)  Evolution of cave Prionospio (Spionidae, Annelida)
Michelle Grace Pinto Jørgensen BSc project (July 2014)  Evolution of cave Prionospio (Spionidae, Annelida)
Kirsten Kvindebjerg

MSc Project (October 2013)  Nervous and muscular system of the dwarf male of Dinophilus gyrociliatus (Annelida)

BSc Project (June 2010)  Structure and activity of Protodrilus n.sp. showing unique adaptations to an anchialine cave environment (BSc thesis). 

Sci. project (2012):  A new species of Psammodrilidae (Annelida)from Sardinia.

Tobias Frykman   MSc. Project (February 2013): Structure and development of the nervous system in colonial bryozoans
Simone Fie Andersen BSc Project (February 2013)  Forvaltning af biogene rev med hestemuslinger (Modiolus modiolus) i henhold til Habitatdirektivet
Kathrine Oddershede BSc Project (June 2012)Musculature of Histriobdella homarus (Annelida) reconstructed by phalloidin staining and CLSM.
Flemming Aanæs Sci. project (June 2012): Description of Nerilla beliziensis n.sp., with a review on the genus Nerilla (Nerillidae, Annelida)
Asrin Partavian Sci. project (2012)  Ecology of the anchialine cave La Corona, Lanzarote.
Randi Schjøtt Huusgaard  MSc. Project (Nov. 2010):  Morphology and activity of the respiratory system in Osedax mucofloris (Siboglinidae, Annelida)
Ida Hedal BSc Project (Jan. 2011):  Life history strategies of Mnemiopsis leidyi.Sci. project (2012)Evolution of Psammodrilidae (Annelida)
Martin MacNaughton Projects (MSc. 2008, scientific asssistant 2009, scientific project 2011):  Ultrastructural investigations of the jaw apparatus in Dorvilleidae (Polychaeta, Annelida): The systematic importance of intra- and intergeneric diversity and ontogenetic development (MSc thesis).Jaw morphology of Histriobdellidae (Annelida) (Science project)Whale fall traps and Osedax environmental monitoring (science project)
Veronica Colmander MSc. Project (2009):  Reproduction strategy, spawning behaviour and reproductive morphology in North Atlantic Osedax mucofloris (Siboglinidae, Annelida)
Catherine Nielsen  Bioanalytical technician (2009) 
Alekasandra Tofteby Bioanalytical technician (2011)