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Research projects

We are involved in several ongoing projects:

Project 1. "Nitrogen fixation and ecology of heterotrophic bacteria in coastal temperate waters"

Financed by: The Danish Council for Independent Research, 2017-2020

PI: Lasse Riemann

Total budget: 6.37 mill. Danish Kr.

Brief Summary: The import of nitrogen (N) through biological N2 fixation is essential for life in vast areas of the global ocean. The prevailing belief is that cyanobacteria using light are the only relevant N2 fixing organisms and that N2 fixation in coastal temperate waters is negligible. It has, however, now become evident that heterotrophic N2 fixing bacteria with a fundamentally different ecology are widespread and active in marine waters, and that they can do high N2 fixation in coastal waters. This cross-disciplinary project using cultivation, field and modeling approaches aims to establish knowledge on the ecology of heterotrophic N2 fixing bacteria, quantify rates and factors controlling their N2 fixation, and integrate these data into N budgets of coastal temperate waters. A significant N input from this novel group of N2 fixers will establish a new paradigm in N2 fixation research, and have broad implications for our understanding of the N and carbon cycling in coastal temperate waters.

Project 2. Project Blueprint (“Biological lenses using gene prints”)

Financed by: EU and national research councils, 2014 - 2017

Coordinator: Lasse Riemann

Total budget: 3.9 mill. EURO (29.1 mill. DKK)

See Project Homepage


Project 3. Project AFISmon (“Development of an autonomous multisampler system for monitoring of biogeochemical processes”)

Financed by: EU and national research councils, 04/2014 - 03/2017

CO-PI: Lasse Riemann (Center leader is Matthias Labrenz, IOW, Germany)

Total budget: 500,000 EURO (3.73 mill. DKK)

See Project Homepage


Project 4. Centre for Ocean Life, a 5-year Center of Excellence

Financed by: Villum Kann Rasmussen Fonden 2012-2016.

CO-PI: Lasse Riemann (Center leader is Prof. Thomas Kiørboe, Danish Technical University) 

Total budget for Center: 30,000,000 DKr

Amount for Riemann's project part: 2,314,000 Dkr (ca 310,000 EURO)

For further information about the center and the microbiology part, see Ocean Life or Projects