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The research group is located in the Marine Biological Section, Univ. Copenhagen, about 30 km north of Copenhagen. 

Current lab members:

Dr. Mar Benavides, PostDoc. "Ecology of heterotrophic N2 fixing bacteria in marine coastal waters". Started: 01-2017. Email
Elisabeth Münster Happel, PhD student. "Nitrogen cycling by bacterioplankton in the Baltic Sea". Started 01-2015. Email
Søren Hallstrøm. PhD student. "Nitrogen fixation and ecology of heterotrophic bacteria in coastal temperate waters". Started 04-2017. Email

Other PhD students currently co-supervised by L. Riemann:

Leyden Fernandez Vidal, PhD student, Uppsala University, Sweden. "Nitrogen fixation by non-cyanobacterial community members in stratified lakes". Main supervisor: Stefan Bertilsson, Uppsala University. Started 10-2013.  

Previous PhD students (Riemann main supervisor):

Daniel Jiro Ayala"The early life of the European eel in the ichthyoplankton community of the Sargasso Sea". Main supervisor: Peter Munk. Co-supervisor: Lasse Riemann. PhD degree 27 October 2016.  Email
Sachia Jo Traving"Traits for bacterial carbon turnover in the marine environment: chemical complexity meets bacteria diversity". PhD degree 24 June 2016. Email

Mikkel Bentzon-Tilia, "The Biology of heterotrophic nitrogen fixing bacteria in marine and estuarine waters". PhD degree 25. April 2014. Email

Julie Dinasquet, "Top-down and bottom-up control of bacterial activity and community structure". PhD degree 13. March 2013, Linnaeus University, Sweden. Email

Hanna Farnelid , "Distribution and activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria in marine and estuarine waters". PhD degree 25 January 2013, Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Currently postdoc at: University of California Santa Cruz, Ocean Sciences Department, Marine Microbiology Laboratory/Zehr Lab
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, Phone number +1 831-459-4490 Email

Johanna Sjösted, "Effect of environmental factors on bacterioplankton community composition, diversity and functionality". PhD degree 1. February 2013, Linnaeus University, Sweden. Email
  • Karin Holmfeldt "Regulation of bacterioplankton community composition - emphasis on viruses". Ph.D. degree 21 August 2009, University of Kalmar
    Currently Postdoc at Linneaus University, Sweden
  • Kjärstin Hagman Boström "Nitrogen fixation by heterotrophic bacterioplankton in the Baltic Sea". Ph.D. degree 20 January 2006, University of Kalmar
  • Cecilia Leitet "Plasmids and prophages in Baltic Sea Bacterioplankton". Filosofie Licentiat 27 January 2006, University of Kalmar

Previous PostDocs: 

  • Dr. Deniz Bombar, PostDoc. "Nitrogen fixing heterotrophic bacteria in coastal waters". 03-2014 - 06-2018. Email
  • Dr. Sachia Jo Traving, PostDoc. "Interactions between dissolved organic matter and bacterioplankton in marine waters". 06-2016 - 2018. Email
  • Ryan Paerl, PostDoc. "Ecophysiological adaptations of planktonic microbes". Started: 10-2014 - 12-2016. Email
  • Dr. Sophie Charvet, PostDoc. "Development of an autonomous multisampler system for pelagic RNA sampling". 10-2014 - 08-2015. Associated with the AFISmon project. Email
  • Dr. Ina Severin, "Ecology of heterotrophic nitrogen-fixing prokaryotes in marine waters". 06-2012 - 06-2014. Email
  • Dr. Claudia Dziallas. " Evolution of symbiosis between ciliates and nitrogen-fixing prokaryotes " Marie Curie fellow. 01-2012 - 05-2014. Email
  • Dr. Julie Dinasquet. 2013. Bacterioplankton community composition and succession. Email
  • Dr. Dusko Odic. 2008-2009. Working on virus-host interactions and X-ray crystallography. The project was a collaboration with Prof. Janos Hajdu, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Previous Master students (Riemann main supervisor):

  • Mads Obi Bergsten, "Composition and expression of ammonia oxygenase genes in two river outlets in the Baltic Sea". Master degree: 05-2017.
  • Jeppe Nedergaard Pedersen, "Organic particles as hotspots for nitrogen fixation
    by marine heterotrophic bacteria". Master degree March 2017
  • Regitze B C Lundgreen, "Marine snow particles in the oligotrophic Sargasso Sea as analysed by PCR amplicon sequencing: composition and linkage to the plankton". Master degree December 2016
  • Liv Louise Victoria Backhaus, "Microbial decomposition of copepod carcasses in surface waters of the oligotrophic Sargasso Sea". Master degree January 2016
  • Elisabeth Münster Happel, "Nitrogen fixation in the Baltic Sea - diurnal and vertical patterns". Mater degree June 2014. University of Copenhagen
  • Daniel Jiro Ayala , "Diversity of fish larvae communities across the subtropical convergence zone of the Sargasso Sea". Master degree February 2012. Danish Technical Univ.
  • Hanna Alfredsson "Prey Selection of European Eel ( Anguilla anguilla ) Larvae in the Sargasso Sea: a Molecular Approach". Master degree September 2009, University of Kalmar. Currently PhD student at Univ. Lund, Sweden