Our research projects focus on different aspects of marine viral ecology. We do both basic studies of virus-host interactions under controlled conditions in the lab and field studies of temporal and spatial variations in activity, distribution and composition of microbial populations in their natural environment. It is important to combine these different approaches in order to expand our understanding of the role of viruses in the marine environment.

We also do applied research on the potential of bacteriophage therapy in treating trout with cold water disease caused by Flavobacterium psychrophilum.

Our work includes measurements of microbial activity by basic ecological and microbiological methods as well as use of molecular biological tools in the investigation of microbial population dynamics and community composition.

Our research group consists of bachelor students, master students, Ph.D. students, a reswarch assistant and myself, and we collaborate with a number of national and international colleagues. Moreover, project students in marine biology and microbial ecology are involved in the ongoing research projects.

Feel free to contact me for further information about opportunities for doing a bachelor or masters project.

Currently, the following projects are carried out:

  • Diversity and population dynamics of marine bacteria and viruses
  • The role of viruses in pelagic nutrient cycling.
  • Virus-host interactions in surface-associated communities (aggregates, biofilms, sediments)
  • Bacteriophage biocontrol in aquaculture
  • Importance of bacteria and viruses for the cycling of organic matter in Arctic ecosystems.