Niels Daugbjerg

Lektor / Associate Professor

Marine Biological Section
Universitetsparken 4, 1st floor
DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 3533 1830
Mobile: +45 4243 0009
Email: n.daugbjerg @

My research on PROTISTS encompasses three major pillars

Species diversity, ultrastructure and molecular systematics and includes

  • description of new species of microalgae using light and electron microscopy, pigment profile and phylogenetic inference
  • molecular tools for identification and enumeration of harmful algae

Ecology of marine and freshwater microalgae to environmental settings and includes

  • acclimation to changes in temperature, salinity and pH
  • growth rate estimation based on chlorophyll a readings and standard curves

 Evolutionary history of protists and includes

  • morphological and biochemical character trait mapping on phylogenetic trees
  • chloroplast evolution

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