Ecosystem Ecology

Research overview
In the K Rousk lab, we are interested in the abiotic and biotic controls of nitrogen (N) fixation in moss-cyanobacteria associations. This ecosystem function is especially important in pristine ecosystems like boreal forests, subarctic tundra and tropical cloud forests. Cyanobacteria colonizing dominant moss species in these habitats contribute fundamentally to the ecosystem N pool. In the K Rousk lab, we conduct experiments in the laboratory and in the field, especially in the boreal and tropical biomes.

Kathrin Rousk is a Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Terrestrial Ecology Section, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen.

Postdoctoral researcher Xin Liu
PhD student Aya Tora Foged Permin

We are supported by a Sapere Aude Starting Grant (2018-2022) from the Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD).

Student opportunities
Contact me if you are interested in BSc or MSc projects within my group on moss-cyanobacteria associations. You can e.g. assess the effects of climate change or pollution on nitrogen fixation in mosses, assess why some mosses are colonised by cyanobacteria and others are not, which cyanobacteria are associated with mosses etc.