At Terrestrial Ecology we carry out high precision biological, physical, chemical and molecular analyses of plants, microorganisms, soil animals, GAS and liquids. The laboratory is fully updated in analytical equipment and takes on analytical tasks for the scientific staff at the Biological Institute as well as for external researchers. For instance we analyze:

Species composition
Plant biomass
CNP in soil, plants and liquids
Secondary metabolites
15N and 13C in tissues
Photosynthesis with Licor 6400XT
CO2, O2, N2O and CH4 concentrations
Volatile organic compounds
Microbial biomass CNP
Ergosterol, PLFA, Biolog
Protein assays
Cultivation of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and protozoa) Isolation and experimentation with soil micro-meso-macro fauna
DNA extraction from tissues and soil
DNA sequencing
Electrophoresis of DNA and proteins
Microscopes: Stereo, normal light, fluorescent, inverse

The analytical equipment includes:

Hitachi U-2000 and U-2010 Spectrophotometers
Shimadzu Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TOC-5000A
Perkin Elmer 4100 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Shimadzu GC-17A Gas Chromatograph
Fiastar 5000 Flow Analyzer
LECO TruSpec Carbon Nitrogen Determinator
LECO FP-428 Total Nitrogen Determinator
Eltra CS 500 Total Carbon Determinator
Aquatec 5400 Analyzer
EuroVector Elemental Analyzer EA3028-HT
Micromass IsoPrime Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometre
Agilent GC/MS with thermal desorption
Growth rooms and chambers, -80 freezer
Tissue ball mils and Qiagen Tissue Lyzer
MJ PCT200, BioRad T100 and BioRad CFX connect PCR machines