Lotte B. Pedersen


August Krogh Bygningen
Universitetsparken 13
2100 København Ø
Telefon: 35 32 16 90

Lotte B. Pedersen vil være en god mentor
for studerende med interesse for:
Cellebiologi, molekylærbiologi, cilier og humane sygdomme

Faglig profil
My laboratory is part of the Cilia group in the Section of Cell Biology and Physiology, where we study various aspects of the assembly and function of eukaryotic cilia and flagella. Cilia are microtubule (MT)-based organelles that emanate from the surface of many eukaryotic cells and have diverse roles in motility and sensory perception. Motile cilia/flagella enable the cell (e.g. a sperm cell) to propel itself in the right direction or function in the transport of fluids over ciliated surface epithelia, for example in the airways. Both motile and non-motile (primary) cilia display specific receptors and ion channels and function as sensors involved in regulating cell growth, differentiation, development and tissue homeostasis. Proper assembly and maintenance of cilia and flagella are therefore critical to human health, and absent or defective cilia/flagella have been associated with severe human diseases such as respiratory disease, polycystic kidney disease, retinal degenerative disease, infertility, defective left-right-axis determination, and Bardet-Biedl syndrome.

My specific research interests include the molecular mechanisms by which cilia assemble, in particular the role of microtubule plus-end associated proteins and kinesin motor proteins in the assembly process. To this end we use various cultured mammalian cell lines as well as the green alga Chlamydomonas as model systems.

Biologi A2, Almen Molekylærbiologi, and Experimentel Cellebiologi og Fysiologi