Katrine Worsaae


Universitetsparken 4
2100 København Ø
Telefon: 41 23 00 73
E-mail: kworsaae@bio.ku.dk

Katrine Worsaae vil være en god mentor
for studerende med interesse for:
Marine biology, morphology, neuroanatomy, evolution and development, invertebrates, advanced microscopy, outreach

Faglig profil
My research group study evolution, development, morphology (incl. neuroanatomy), functional adaptations and anatomy of marine macro- and meiofaunal invertebrates (annelids in particular). The three main focus areas of our research is 1) the organization and evolution of the early nervous system - studied in a range of small spiralian taxa 2) evolution of meiofauna (incl. theories on paedomorphosis) and 3) evolution and adaptations of annelids to anchialine cave and other extreme habitats.
Besides investigating the nervous system of animals kept in culture, we also arrange expeditions and collecting of rare taxa with subsequent extensive genetic and microscopical studies on the transcriptomes, morphology and anatomy, systematics, taxonomy, and phylogeny. In this work we apply advanced bioimaging techniques such as microscopic video-recordings, SEM, TEM, immunohistochemistry, multi-stainings protocols, neuropeptides and CLSM, histology and advanced 3D computational modeling.

Organismernes diversitet, Marine Biology, Animal Morphology, Feltbiologi-I, Marine Faunistics sommer course.