Anti-CRISPR proteins: identification and characterization of their molecular mechanisms in inhibiting CRISPR immunity

Hovedområde:Molecular biology
Målgruppe:Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular Biomedicine

Where there is life, there are viruses. The constant interactions between viruses and their host have been the major driving force in evolution. Cellular organisms have evolved a range of mechanisms to fight against viruses whereas viruses have also found different ways to circumvent the host defense --- the endless arms race between viruses and their host. To understand the fascinating interactions, we focus on the following research themes:

1. the adaptive immune system CRISPR-Cas
2. Viral anti-CRISPR proteins

We have a collection of hyperthermophilic viruses and several cellular model organisms to facilitate the study of virus-host interactions.This project will focus on identification and/or characterization of anti-CRISPR proteins encoded by viruses/plasmids, which is a highly competitive research topic.

Anvendte metoder: virology techniques (plaque assay, electron microscopy), fluorescent microscopy, gene knockout and complementation, protein purification, DNA technology such as cloning, PCR and plasmid purification, genetics
Keywords:virus, CRISPR-based genome editing, anti-viral immune system, protein, genetics
Vejleder(e): Xu Peng