Invasive species: A threat to nature or a cultural imagination?

Niveau:Masters, Bachelor

Without doubt the increasing demand for economic growth increasingly impoverishes nature. People working with nature conservation in public institutions and private companies must follow decisions and guidelines created by politicians and economists. Presently, a major threat to nature is that there is no room for it. In comparison, invasive species may constitute a relatively smaller threat. In the project we wish to explore the hypothesis that while so-called invasive species in some cases do present a threat to nature, in many, perhaps most cases the concept serve to distract attention from serious environmental problems as habitat destruction and climate change, perhaps to give the public the impression that serious measures are taken to protect the environment. In the project we will study and analyse the cultural imaginations about environmental issues, especially bio-invasion.

Anvendte metoder:Theoretical study, possibly supplied with some field work
Keywords:invasive species, cultural imagination
Vejleder(e): Flemming Ekelund (Biology) Claus Emmeche (Center for Naturfilosofi og Videnskabsstudier)