Antibiotic tolerance: a CryoEM study of a tripartite protein-small ligand complex

Hovedområde:Protein chemistry
Målgruppe:Biochemistry, Molecular Biomedicine, Biology
Niveau:Bachelor, Masters

A cross-faculty colalborative project is available to solve the CryoEM structure and/or structural dynamics of a tripartite complex composed of a newly discovered small ligand, its cytoplasmic binding protein, and a membrane transporter of osmolytes. Elucidation of such a complex structure is anticipated to shed light on novel signaling pathways which are important for bacterial tolerance to stresses and antibiotic killing. Thus, novel drug targets are expected. 

Expression, purification of soluble and membrane proteins will be learned. Advanced CryoEM technique will be used to visualize and solve the complex structure.

To those with further interest, please contact the PI who is very pleased to explain the details.

Anvendte metoder:CryoEM, plasmid cloning, membrane and soluble protein purification
Keywords:antibiotic tolerance, CryoEM, membrane protein, transporter
Vejleder(e): YONG ZHANG