Dietary capacity of a termite-associated fungi

Målgruppe:Biology, Biochemistry
Niveau:Bachelor, Masters

The fungal genus Podaxis exhibits remarkable diversity in its lifestyles. Some lineages associate with termites in the genus Trinervitermes while others are entirely free-living (Conlon et al., 2016). Such different lifestyles are expected to require very different adaptations. However, we know almost nothing about the ecology of Podaxis; including what it feeds on. This project will attempt to elucidate the fundamental dietary niche of Podaxis through enzyme extraction and activity assays.

Conlon BH, de Beer ZW, de Fine Licht HH, Aanen DK & Poulsen M, 2016. Phylogenetic analyses of Podaxis specimens from Southern Africa reveal hidden diversity and new insights into associations with termites. Fungal Biology. 120: 1065-1076

Anvendte metoder:Culturing, Enzyme extraction, AZCL assay
Keywords:Fungi, Social insects, Enzymes, Plant biomass degradation, Diet
Vejleder(e): Benjamin Conlon and Michael Poulsen