Projects in Behavioural Ecology

Niveau:Bachelor, Outside course scope

Behavioural Ecology studies the ecological pressures that shape animal behaviour from an evolutionary perspective. Animal behaviour constitutes the bridge between the genes and the environment in which animals live.

Specializing in this area will provide you with a general understanding of how animals, from ants to whales, react to their social and ecological environment, and hence adapt, survive and reproduce. The fields of behavioural ecology and animal behaviour inform the fields of conservation and animal welfare, which are highly relevant to the increasing societal concerns for our environment and the animals that live in it. Knowledge acquired in this field will thus be useful for your future projects, classes and career.

Practical research can focus on the behaviour of a large range of animals, ranging from ants and termites to horses and giraffes. Projects will usually involve hands-on experience with data collection in the lab, in the field (e.g. zoo, farms) or video analysis.

Anvendte metoder:data collection in the lab, in the field (e.g. zoo, farms) or video analysis
Keywords:animal behaviour, animal cognition, animal communication, animal emotions, social interactions
Vejleder(e): Elodie Briefer, Michael Poulsen, Jacobus Boomsma, David Nash, Jonathan Z. Shik