Projects in Genome Evolution

Målgruppe:Biology, Bioinformatics
Niveau:Bachelor, Outside course scope

The genome is the blueprint of all life containing all necessary information that makes up a biological organism. In the era of the genome, we are faced with a new grand challenge problem, the source and the principle of genome evolution. The neutral theory has been very well established in population genetics and has become a useful theory to establish statistical models for detecting the natural selection signals that might function on the genomic variations in both intra- and inter-species comparison.

Specializing in this area will provide you with a general understanding of the biological processes that create the various types of mutations which can be transmitted from parent to offspring, spread in population, and establish barriers of reproductive isolation leading the species diversification. Because the genomic mutations are also the source of many inherited diseases and cancers, studies in this field have also important implications to the biomedical researches.

Practical research focuses on the sources of mutations covering single nucleotide variations, structural variations, gene gain or loss, and other chromosome level/whole genome level changes. Projects will usually combine large-scale genome sequencing and bioinformatic analyses.  

Anvendte metoder:large-scale genome sequencing and bioinformatic analyses
Keywords:single nucleotide variations, structural variations, gene gain or loss
Vejleder(e): Birgitte Regenberg and/or Guojie Zhang