Projects in Conservation Biology

Niveau:Bachelor, Outside course scope

Human activities have resulted in major reductions in biodiversity worldwide, which has ongoing consequences for the abundance and survival of many species, as well as direct and indirect effects on human well-being. Conservation biology attempts to understand effects on biological diversity at all levels from genes to communities, and how human effects can potentially be reduced or mitigated. 

Specializing in this area will give you an understanding of how scientific evidence for effects on biodiversity can be collected, and when and how practical evidence-based recommendations for conservation measures can be made. 

Practical research will often focus on particular threatened species or habitats, or examining correlations between biological diversity and human activities (be it exploitation or restoration). Projects can be very varied, but at one end of the spectrum have often involved using modern DNA based techniques to examine community diversity, diets of invasive species or population genetics, as well as traditional morphologically based assessments of biological diversity, and ranging to detailed assessments of the abundance and distribution of particular species.

Anvendte metoder:DNA based techniques, morphologically based assessments of biological diversity
Keywords:Biodiversity, Genetic diversity, Demography, Population size, Threatened species
Vejleder(e): David Nash, Elodie Briefer and/or Hans Henrik Bruun