Bacterial biofilm formation via cyclic di-GMP binding/effector proteins - molecular and mechanical studies

Målgruppe:Biochemistry, Biology, Molecular Biomedicine
Niveau:Masters, Outside course scope

In Nature bacteria often live together in a community knowns as biofilm, where a large number of bacterial cells live together and build a society that could pretect the community from the attack from both host cells immnue systems and antibiotics, causing chronical, recurrent, and persistent infections. A better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of biofilm formation is thus vital to provide new methods to eradicate biofilm and persistent bacterial infeciton.

cyclic di-GMP, a small secondary message, is extensively studied to be invoved in biofilm formation of bacteria. Recently, our lab identified a number of novel binding proteins (effectors) of cyclic di-GMP. A deep investigation of these exciting target proteins and their interaction with cyclic di-GMP  thus hold great potential in uncovering novel mechanisms of bacterial biofilm formation.

For this, we thus eagarly welcome highly motivated, talented students, who share the same passion and interest, to join our force to study these new targets and crack the hiden secret of bacterial biofilm.

Inquiry shall be addressed to the following email and the PI would be very glad to discuss potential projects.

Anvendte metoder:Protein biochemistry (purification, characterisation, enzyme kinetics, protein-protein and -small molecule interaction); molecular biology (gene cloning, mutagenesis, mutant screening); bacterial physiology (antibiotic sensitivity, bacterial cel growth, biofilm assay, genetics). Opportunity to collaborate with structural biologists
Keywords:biofilm, bacterial infection, cyclic di-GMP, persistence, antibiotic tolerance, signaling pathway
Vejleder(e): YONG E. ZHANG