Re-colonization, diversity and ecophysiology of plants following experimental treatments in danish heath

Niveau:Bachelor, Masters

At Jægerspris in Nordsjælland, Denmark, we have for a decade conducted a major climate change related field experment at a heath/grassland, with large scale warming, CO2 enrichment and drought, simulating climatic conditions expected in year 2075 in Denmark ( We have followed plant performance for years, but the treatment have now been terminated. The project could follow the re-colonization and plant performance in the area, combining vegetation analysis, and ecophysiological measurements on plants, such as photosynthesis, respiration, chlorophyll fluoroscense, chlorophyll and flavonoid content, etc. This would serve to show how plants colonize after major disturbances, and how the legacy of prior climate change related treatments affect their performance. At the same time, the project could give input to methods on recolozation of disturbed areas as land-fills and road-sides.

Anvendte metoder:Photosynthesis, respiration, plant performance measurements, plant stress, leaf level measurements
Keywords:plant physiology, plant adaptation and recovery, plant diversity, vegetation analysis, recolonization of disturbed soils
Vejleder(e): Anders Michelsen (and others depending upon specific content)