Historical changes to the plant diversity of Denmark during the past 250 years

Niveau:, Masters

In order to predict the future impact of landscape change on biodiversity, it is imperative to get an understanding of how drivers of change have acted in the past to result in the plant diversity of today. Palaeoecological investigations and resurveys of semi-permanent vegetation plots have made contributions of central importance to global change biology. However, studies at the scale of centuries are lacking. Hence, the effects to biodiversity of the dramatic changes in the Danish landscape over the past 2-3 centuries are not well understood. The sources to quantify changes and drivers of change do exist, but are unconventional, e.g. historical landscape floras and excursion notes, some of which are printed, while others are in manuscript. By compilation of data on the diversity and composition of plant communities in the past, and comparison to the present day state, the changes may be quantified and the underlying causes singled out.

Anvendte metoder:archival studies, statistical modelling
Keywords:biodiversity, land-use history, forestry
Vejleder(e): Hans Henrik Bruun