CENPERM - Center for Permafrost

Målgruppe:Biology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics
Niveau:Bachelor, Masters

Center for Permafrost (CENPERM) is a Centre of Excellence funded by Danmarks Grundforskningsfond. This is a cooperation between scientists at Department of Biology (BIO), Department of Geoscience and Nature Management (IGN) and GEUS which aims to reveal some of the consequences of permafrost thawing for arctic ecosystems, and to feed this information into existing climate change models. This requires multidisciplinary and large-scale field manipulations and laboratory experiments linking physiocemical changes to biological adaptations and climatic feedbacks.

We can offer a range of different projects in many disciplines as plant ecology, biogeochemistry, and microbial ecology. As a research centre, we have access to advanced equipment and novel techniques, and host a range of PhDs students and post docs who work in a pleasant environment. 

You could analyse greenhouse gas (CO2, CH4, N2O) emission from ecosystems, photosynthesis and respiration, emission of volatile organic compounds from soils and plants, vegetation changes, soil nutrient and microbial responses, soil animal and herbivore responses, microbial community responses using molecular techniques, or processes using stable isotope techniques. Your work could go on in the lab and/or in the field in the subarctic or the arctic, and you could work in long-term experiments in which we manipulate temperature, nutrient, light or other abiotic factors. You can contact one of the scientists from BIO involved in CENPERM for more information, and read more under specific projects which also may be posted.  

Anvendte metoder:novel and advanced techniques within multiple disciplines in a research centre
Keywords:arctic, subarctic, field experiments and laboratory work, ecophysiology, plant ecology, molecular microbial ecology, biogeochemistry
Projekthjemmeside: https://cenperm.ku.dk/
Vejleder(e): Anders Michelsen, Riikka Rinnan, Anders Prieme