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  • Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration leads to new discoveries


    Physicists and molecular biologists from the University of Copenhagen have published a new and exciting take on how bacteria can survive virus attacks. This result would not have been achieved, had the specialists confined themselves to each their own ‘ivory tower’. »

  • New research linking cancer-inhibiting proteins to cell antennae


    Danish researchers have just presented a previously unknown mechanism that inhibits the ability of cells to develop into cancer cells. Their findings have important implications for the understanding of how cancer starts. The discovery is published today in the internationally recognized Journal of Cell Biology. »

  • Tropical seagrasses manipulate sediment biogeochemistry to thrive in low nutrient environments


    Seagrasses are marine flowering plants that thrive in shallow coastal environments, where they provide multiple important ecosystem services such as enhancing marine biodiversity, increasing water quality, providing shelter and food to numerous juvenile marine fish and crustaceans, and by mitigating climate change due to their extraordinarily high carbon burial capacity. However, seagrass meadows are currently disappearing globally at alarming rates mainly as a result of human activity, including coastal development, anchoring of boats and harbour dredging. »

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