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  • Large grant to research in bacteria survival strategy


    Etienne Maisonneuve, post doc at Center for Bacterial Stress Response and Persistence, University of Copenhagen, receives approx. 1.5 million euro from the European Research Council for the project “STRINGENCY”, investigating bacterial survival strategy. »

  • Garden management in ancient subsistence farmers


    Ant fungus farming arose soon after the dinosaurs went extinct, but the farmers struggled with poorly domesticated crops that prioritized their own reproduction rather than being eaten. A new study by University of Copenhagen biologists explains why this conflict was unavoidable and took the ants 30 million years to resolve. »

  • Greenland sharks live for hundreds of years


    While the more than 5 meter long Greenland shark is one of the world's largest sharks, it is also one of the least understood animals on our planet. The Greenland shark's general biology and way of life have been a mystery to biologists for many years. However, marine biologists at the University of Copenhagen have now deployed an epoch-making method to unveil one of the greatest of the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic shark - and have come to an amazing revelation: with a life expectancy of at least 272 years, the Greenland shark has the longest life expectancy of all vertebrate animals known to science. »

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