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  • Scientists show how cells communicate


    Primary cilia are antenna-like structures that are present on the surface of most cells in the human body. The cilia are essential mediators of communication between the different cells in the body. If the cilia are defective, this communication is disrupted, and the cells are unable to appropriately regulate several important cellular processes, which ultimately can lead to severe diseases that may affect nearly every organ and tissue in the body, in the developing embryo as well as in the adult. »

  • How bacteria survive antibiotic treatment


    Scientists around the world are working hard to win the battle against multi-resistant bacteria. A new publication from the BASP Centre, University of Copenhagen now presents how even sensitive bacteria often manage to survive antibiotic treatment as so-called ‘persister cells’. The comprehensive perspective on this phenomenon may help to improve current options of drug treatment and could even inspire the discovery of novel antibiotics targeting these notoriously difficult-to-treat persister bacteria.  »

  • Understanding genetic diseases in detail


    Anders Albrechtsen, associate professor at the Section for Computational Biology and RNA Research at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen received October 26, 2016 a 5-year fellowship (10 mDKK) from the Lundbeckfonden.  »

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