Anders Lydik Garm

Anders Lydik Garm


Anders Garm – Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information

Full name:                     Anders Lydik Garm, Ph.D.

Date & Place of Birth:  1971, Denmark

Marital Status:              Married + 2

Address:                       Valmuevej 10, 3450 Allerød, Denmark

Telephone:                    +45 51827004 (office), +45 42274422 (mobile)




2008-2011           Steno Fellow, Dept. of Comparative Zoology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2003-2007           Post Doc Fellow, Dept. of Cell and Organism Biology, Lund University, Sweden

2000-2003           Ph.D. (Biology), University of Copenhagen

Thesis:                 Structure and function of crustacean setae with special emphasis on their sensory properties

1996-1999           Cand-Scient (M.Sc.), Biology, University of Copenhagen

Thesis:                 Functional mouth-part morphology of the squat lobster genus Munida from the NE Atlantic


Professional Experience

2012--                  Associate Professor, Marine Biological Section, University of Copenhagen

2008-2012           Assistant Research Professor, Dept. of ComparativeZoologyUniversity of Copenhagen

2004-2007           Post Doc, Dept. of Cell and Organism Biology, Lund University, Sweden

2002                    Guest Scientist, Dept. of Biology, Georgia State University, USA

2001                    Guest Scientist, Dept. of Cell and Organism Biology, Lund University, Sweden

2000                    Teacher and head of the School Service, DanishTechnicalMuseum, Helsingør


Teaching & Research Areas

Courses:               Animal Morphology (Ms), Sensory Biology (Ms, Course organizer), Organismal Diversity (Bc, Course organizer), Marine Biology field class (Bc)


Research:             Neurobiology, sensory systems, vision, biological information processing, eye evolution, functional morphology, mechanoreceptors, chemoreceptors, sensory ecology



2004--                  7 BSc students, 17 MSc students (5 current), 4 PhD students (1 current), 3 post docs         


Public Activities & Academic Affiliations

2017                                        Symposium organizer, SICB annual meeting 2017, USA

2015--                                     Member of the Swedish Research Council for organismal biology

2015--                                     Review editor, Frontiers in Coral Research              

2014                    Guest editor, Frontiers in Invertebrate Physiology

2014                    Invited speaker, workshop on softbodied robotics, Uni. of Maryland

2014                    Invited speaker, 4th ICIM meeting, Berlin

2013                    Expert evaluator for Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

2013                    Session chair and invited speaker at the ICCB 8, Eilat, Israel

2009--                  Member, Society of Neuroscience, WashingtonDC, USA

2008--                  Member, International Society of Invertebrate Morphology, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007--                  Member, Society of Experimental Biology, London, UK

2010                    Invited Speaker, Annual Meeting, International Society of Eye Research, Montreal, Canada

2008                    Co-organizer, 1st ICIM meeting, Copenhagen

2008--2012          Treasurer for the International Society of Invertebrate Morphology

2004--                  Referee, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Journal of Experimental Biology, Marine Biology, Biological Bulletin, Journal of Comparative Physiology and others


Selected funding

2015                                       1.977.977,-dkr from FNU, project type 1

2014                                       1.973.000,-dkr from FNU post doc stipend (co-PI with Ronald Petie)

2011                                        3.233.304,-dkr from VKR-Foundation to continue research                                                          program (co-PI with Niels Daugbjerg)

2010                    652.817,-dkr from the Carlsberg Foundation to continue research program

2007                    2.747.815,-dkr from FNU (steno-stipend) to start own group in Copenhagen

2006                    1.024.000,-dkr from the Carlsberg Foundation, Grant for a 2 year Post Doc position at Lund University

2004                    364.916,-dkr from the Danish Research Council, Grant for a one year extension of the post doc position at LundUniversity

2003                    334.718,-dkr from the Danish Research Council, Grant for a one year post doc position at LundUniversity



2007                    Best poster, animal biology session, Society of Experimental Biology annual meeting, Glasgow

1999                    Best Poster, Crustaceologen Symposium, Berlin



46 peer reviewed papers, 3 invited reviews, 1 book chapter



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