Ian Henry Lambert

Ian Henry Lambert

Lektor emeritus

Web-page - private:          Stutteri Abildore: www.abildore.dk


Work:    Department of Biology (BI), Section of Cell and Developmental Biology,

              The August Krogh building (AKb), Universitesparken 13, DK-2100, Copenhagen Ø

              +45 3532 1697; E-mail: IHLambert@bio.ku.dk         


Education - Positions:

1979 – Cand.scient. Biology

1984 – Lic.scient. Cell Biology, University of Copenhagen (KU).

2004 – Dr. Scient. Cell Biology, KU.

2006 – ESR Spectroscopy in Food research

2008 – “Sikkerhedsgruppens Arbejdsmiljø-Uddannelse”

2009 – ”Udviklingsprogram for forskergruppeledere” NAT and FARMA


1981 – “Kandidatstipendiat”, The August Krogh Institute (AKI), KU.

1984 – “Seniorstipendiat” AKI, KU.

1987 – Assistant professor, AKI, KU.

1991 – Associate professor, AKI / KU.

2010 – Associate professorwith special qualifications, Department of Biology (BI), KU.

2012 – Management committee and working group member for COST Action CM1105:            Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules


Scientific visitor:

  • Laboratoire de Physiologie Animale, Université de Liège, Belgien.
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.
  • Department of Physiology, University of Oxford, England.


Previous positions of trust:

  • Member of the research council, AKI, KU.
  • Vice-chairman & Council Member, AKI, KU.
  • Vice-chairman & Council Member at Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), KU.
  • Councilmember in BigNet at AKI/IMB, KU
  • Member of “Samarbejdsudvalget” at IMB, KU
  • Councilmember in Campusstalden, Sundheds- og Naturvidenskab, Øst-Danmark.
  • Co-organizer of the 5th International Symposium on Cell Volume Regulation in Health and Disease, Copenhagen 2005.
  • Coordinator for courses in Cell signaling and Biochemistry


Current position of trust:

  • Member of evaluation committees for Ph.D. and international academic positions.
  • Referee for internationale journals – Am. J. Physiology; J. Membrane Biology; Cell Phys. Biochem; J. Gen Physiol; Neurochem. Res.; and Acta Physiol. Scand.
  • Mentor


Contribution to the working environment:

  • AKI, KU: Chairman of “Arbejdsmiljøudvalget” l – in charge of APVs, employee development interviews, preparation of personal action-plans – engaged in the planning / realisation of reconstruction of AKb (auditoriums) and improvement of student facilities (IT-facility/kantine).
  • BI, KU: Member of “Arbejdsmiljøudvalget” at BI and “Husudvalg” / ”Arbejdsmiljøgruppen” at Akb – engaged in the planning / realisation of GMO-renovation in AKb.


Larger research program – Funding:

  • Current : COST Action CM1105 (2012-2016): Functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules.
  • FØTEK3 project (2003-2006) – Water-mobility and -distribution in porcine muscle under its transformation from meat in relation to technical and sensory quality – collaboration between "Dansk Jordbrugsforskning" and "Slagteriernes Forskningsinstitut".
  • Research grants from The Danish Counsel for Independent Research (rammebevillinger      Natural sciences (EK Hoffmann main applicant) / Medical Sciences (IH Lambert main applicant)), NOVO, and The Danish Cancer Society.


Participation at meetings 2005-2011:

  • 2007 - Symposium on pork quality and drip loss, Bern, Switzerland.
  • 2007 - FEBS, Wien, Austria.
  • 2007 - Cell Volume Regulation in Health and Disease, Salzburg, Austria.
  • 2009 - IUPS, Kyoto, Japan.
  • 2009 - Physiology of Anion Transport and Cell Volume Regulation, Okazagi, Japan
  • 2010 - Scandinavian and German Physiological Societies, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2011 - Hydration & Cell Volume Regulation, Tubingen, Germany.
  • 2012 - First whole action meeting COST Action CM1105, Granada, Spain
  • 2012 - Universiteternes arbejdsmiljøkonference 2012.
  • 2013 - Multidrugs II: Design and mechanism of action, COST Action CM1105.      Olomouc, Czech Republic
  • 2013 - 1st international Symposium on functional metal complexes that bind to biomolecules. COST Action CM1105, Barcelona, Spain



  • Biochemistry (Bachelor level)
  • Cell Biology (Bachelor & Master level)
  • Experimental course in Cell biology and Physiology (Master level)
  • Developmental Biology (Master level)
  • Ion transport in cancer (Master level)



  • Graduated: 62 in total – 5 on average per year
  • Currently enrolled: 6


Ph.D students:

J Mollerup (1999, KU), S Petersen (1999, KU), KA Poulsen (2007, FØTEK3), MB. Friis (2009, KU), Celina S Jensen (currently enrolled)


Current national collaboration:

  • Prof. EK Hoffmann, Prof. SF Pedersen, Ass.Prof. ST Christensen and Ass.Prof. LB Pedersen, Section for”Cell and Developmental Biology”, Dept. of Biology. Project: Sensory cilia and membrane transport proteins in cell migration, growth control and programmed cell death.
  • Ass.Prof. S Stürup, Dept. of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. Project: Pinpointing differences in Cisplatin-induced apoptosis in adherent and non-adherent cancer cells – COST action CM1105 collaboration.
  • Ass.Prof. OH Mortensen, Cellular and Metabolic Research Section, Dept of Biomedical Sciences. Project: Role of the semi-essential amino acid taurine on cellelular metabolism
  • Prof. B Kiens, Dep. Exercise and Sport Sciences. Project: Role of b-alanine supplementation on performance.
  • Prof. PA Pedersen, Section for “Molecular Integrative Physiology”, Dept. of Biology. Project: Regulation of the intracellular trafficking of the taurine transporter by CK2 and mTOR


Current international collaboration:

  • Prof. D Häussinger,Düsseldorf, Germany. Project: Expression of TauT-mutants in TAUT-/- fibroblasts – analysis of kinase-mediated regulation of TauT.
  • Prof.  R Grygorczyk, St Urbain, Montréal, Canada. Project: Three-dimensional topology and hydrogel analysis on mammalian cells.
  • Prof. G Gasser, Institute of Inorganic  Chemistry, University of Zurich. Project: Analysis of Ruthenium complexes as potential cancer drugs – COST action CM1105 collaboration.
  • Post.Doc. I Romero-Canel, University of Warwick, UK. Development and in vitro test of new chemotherapeutic drugs to be used in the elimination of chemo resistant cancer cells.
  • Prof. PJ Bednarski, Institute of Pharmacy, Greifswald, Germany. Innate and acquired resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. Development and in vitro test of new      chemotherapeutic drugs to be used in the elimination of chemo resistant cancer cells.



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