Søren Johannes Sørensen

Søren Johannes Sørensen


Currently team leader of the Section of Microbiology. The main objective of the group’s studies is to gain knowledge on the interaction between different microbial populations in natural environments  such as the human gut, soil or water.

Current research is centered around microbial interactions and how they impact natural systems. Current research projects investigate the role of antibiotics in horizontal gene transfer. The potential for microbial communities in systems such as waste water treatment plants to act as resovoirs for genes encoding antibiotic resistance. The significance of microbial diversity and community interactions in plant health. How microbes interact to provide nutrients and protection for their close neighbours. How microbiomes contribute to health of humans in the development of disease such as asthma or diabetes and many other areas in which microbial interactions are significant.

Coordinating roles include leading large international research projects such as Trainbiodiverse, a 20 partner consortium investigating soil microbiology and section management of 10 scientists, 11 Ph.D.’s, 3 technicians, and 10 master students. My research priorities focus on social interactions in natural microbial communities with special focus on biofilm formation and horizontal gene transfer.  Specifically I have a deep desire to understand the evolutionary mechanisms behind synergistic interspecies interactions and dependencies and the emergent properties of complex microbial populations. I have co-authored >260 scientific papers in international (peer reviewed) journals, books and presentations at international meetings with a google scholar H index of 59. A full list of citations is available at google scholar.


1989-1992           Ph.D. at Faculty of Natural Science, University of Copenhagen

1980-1988           M.Sc in Molecular Ecology (Mark: 13)


Positions held

2005 – ongoing   Professor at Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen

2002                   2 Months visiting scientist at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

2000 – 2004        Honourees Associate Lecturer at School of Biology Macquarie University, Australia

1999 – 2000        7 MTh’s visiting scientist at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

1997 – 2004        Associated professor at Dept. General Microbiology, University of Copenhagen

1993 – 1994        6 MTh’s visiting scientist at EPA's Environmental Research Laboratory, Florida, USA

1992 – 1996        Assistant professor at Dept. General Microbiology, University of Copenhagen

1989 – 1990        10 MTh’s visiting scientist at EPA's Environmental Research Laboratory, Florida, USA


Review boards and committees (last five years)

2009 – ongoing   Member of the Consulting Scientific Committee (FOKO) in the Danish Centre for Advanced Food Studies

2006 – ongoing   Member of the Institute of Biology’s research committee

2006 – ongoing   Deputy at the Faculty of Science’s research committee

2006                    International organizing committee for 9th International Symposium on Metal Ions in Biology and Medicine Lisbon

2002 – ongoing   Scientific evaluator for Research Council in several European countries

2001 – ongoing   Scientific member in Microbiology of The Environmental Appeal Board

2000 – ongoing   Scientific evaluator for the Natural Environment Research Council - UK

1999 – 2002        International co-ordinator of COST831 WorkGroup IV

1998 – 2002        Danish national delegate of COST831

1992 – ongoing   Referee at all major journals within Microbiology



Peer reviewed articles:                             >260                          

Peer reviewed book chapters:                    15

Public outreach activities:                            5

Scientific oral presentations:                  >100

(approx. 50% as invited speaker)

H-index:                                                 60



ID: 4269