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Kathrin Rousk


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In the K Rousk lab (Ecosystem Ecology), we are interested in the abiotic and biotic controls of nitrogen (N) fixation in moss-cyanobacteria associations. This ecosystem function is especially important in pristine ecosystems like boreal forests and subarctic tundra. Cyanobacteria colonzing dominant moss species in these habitats contribute fundamentally to the ecosystem N pool. My research goal is to identify the factors that promote and inhibit N fixation in mosses, and to define the relationship between moss and colonizing cyanobacteria.

I am very honoured, humbled and happy to have been awarded an ERC Starting Grant (2021-2026), SYMBIONIX, to unravel the relationship mosses and colonizing cyanobacteria share and to venture into understudied ecosystems. For updates, check out my twitter feed @kathrin_rousk



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