Daisy NMR award - Awardees 2022

The cOpenNMR facility is very happy to announce the three winners of the first edition of the Daisy NMR award. Fabian Hink, Melvin Noe Gonzalez and Johannes Rødbro Busch were selected from a pool of great applications for their outstanding projects.

Fabian, form the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, set out to investigate the binding of a cyclic peptide to the intrinsically disordered protein alpha-Synuclein using 15N-HSQCs and titration experiments.

Melvin, from the Depatment of Cellular and Molecular Medicin, determined the cis/trans Proline conformation in a series of peptides from the disordered regulatory tail of RNA Polymerase II. Using 13C-HSQC spectra he could confirm that he can lock the proline in the natively rare cis conformation, using chemically modified amino acides.

Johannes, from the Department of Forensic Medicin, wanted to use quantitative 1D-1H-NMR on forensic samples to estasblish a new method for getting a better estimate of the post mortem interval beyond the first 24h.

NMR-manager Andreas Prestel with the 3 winners of the 2022 Daisy NMR Award: Fabian Hink, Melvin Noe Gonzalez and Johannes Rødbro Busch (from left to right)