At the Department of Biology, we train graduates to obtain solid theoretical knowledge, safe practical training and knowledge from our experienced researchers, which gives them a smooth transition from the university to enter the private and / or public sector in Denmark or abroad.

  • This applies to the biologist who works to preserve nature's biodiversity or research on climate change and the future of the globe.
  • This applies to the biologist and the biochemist who study the smallest components of life to understand the complex systems of organisms.
  • This applies to the molecular biomedicine who is developing new treatments for the serious diseases of the time.
  • This applies to the bioinformatician, who analyzes and models complex data sets and uses computers to understand biological relationships and solve current problems.

We are proud to say that our graduates receive a broad education with really good job opportunities.

The Department of Biology offers four bachelor's degree programs and four master's programs. Read more about the individual programs via the links below.

All bachelor's degree programs at the University of Copenhagen are taught in Danish. As UCPH does not offer any full-degree bachelor's programs in English, detailed information about undergraduate programs are provided in Danish only. Master's programs are described and provided in English.


Deputy heads of Department
Professor Kaare Teilum
Professor Katrine Worsaae

Head of Studies - Biochemistry
BSc: Professor Birthe Kragelund
MSc: Professor Karen Skriver

Head of Studies - Bioinformatics
Assoc. Professor Amelie Stein

Head of Studies – Biology
Assoc. Professor Rasmus Kjøller

Head of Studies –
Molecular Biomedicine
Assoc. Professor Jacob B. Hansen