3. oktober 2023

Villum Synergy: Interdisciplinary research


The aim of the project is to utilize solar energy and then try to transfer it to development of better and more efficient solar cells. In this interdisciplinary project, researchers from various fields contribute with expert knowledge. Marine biologist and professor Michael Kühl from the Department of Biology participates in the project with, among other things, his experience in photobiology, which deals with how light affects living organisms, including corals. Corals are highly efficient at absorbing the sun’s rays

Read the entire press release from the Velux Foundations here.

The goal of Villum Synergy is to strengthen the research opportunities that lie at the interface between computer science and other disciplines – e.g. within the technical sciences, natural sciences – but equally within the humanities or social sciences. This year, 15 projects have been selected, each receiving DKK 3 million.


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