1 February 2024

Shine On - You Crazy Coral


Luminous corals are on the program at this year's light festival in Copenhagen 'Copenhagen Light Festival'.

Preparations for Copenhagen Light Festival (Photo: Maja Friis)
Preparations for Copenhagen Light festival. Photo: Maja Friis

”Copenhagen Light Festival is a yearly event exhibiting light installations in Copenhagen. The festival run from February 3 until February 25, 2024 and is free to attend.

This year, the artist and film director Maja Friis is showing a spectacular installation “Shine on, You Crazy Coral” at The Black Diamond (https://www.kb.dk/en/events/copenhagen-light-festival-black-diamond).

The installation was developed in close collaboration with postdoc Elena Bollati from Michael Kühl’s group in the Marine Biology Section.

The installation is the latest outcome of a successful collaboration across the worlds of art and science on communicating about corals and climate change to the broader public. Previous outcomes of the collaboration between Maja Friis and Michael Kühl’s group include a large installation “Breathing Corals” at the Danish Science Festival in 2022 (https://visualscience.dk/portfolio/breathing-coral/) and the documentary “Silent Extinction” shown at CpH:DOX 2023 (https://cphdox.dk/da/film/silent-extinction-da/) and at the Bloom Festival 2023.”