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Michael Kühl

Michael Kühl


Microenvironmental ecology of surface-associated microbial communities and marine symbioses. Microsensor and imaging techniques for biogeochemical analysis of microenvironments, mass transfer and metabolic rates. Optical properties and photobiology of sediments, photosynthetic tissues and biofilms. Microbial behaviour and activity in gradient systems.
Field Biology Advanced Bacteriology Marine Biology Marine Microbiology and Virology Experimental Microbiology Experimental Marine Biology Bi-annual Ph.D. course on Microsensor Analysis in Environmental Science Annual Ph.D. course: Advanced Biofilm Course
Experimental techniques
Electrochemical and fiber-optic microsensors Fluorescence life-time imaging of oxygen Variable chlorophyll fluorescence imaging Confocal microscopy and video microscopy Microspectrometry and hyper-spectral imaging
Current projects
Photobiology of surface-associated microbial communities and symbioses. Microbiology and biogeochemistry of microbial mats in hot springs (East Greenland & Yellowstone National Park, USA). Marine symbiosis and coral bleaching (Great Barrier Reef, Australia). Microscopic imaging of oxygen and active chlorophyll fluorescence. Optics and photobiology of photosynthetic biofilms, plant and animal tissues. Hyper-spectral imaging of photosynthetic communities and tissues. Microenvironment and microbiology of Ikka columns (Greenland). Microenvironmental analysis of biofilms. Other activities
Member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters Scientific cruise leader on the Galathea 3 expedition 2006 (Leg. Accra,Ghana-Cape Town, South Africa) Associate editor of Marine Biology Contributing editor of Aquatic Biology Associate editor of Environmental Microbiology Member of the Faculty of 1000 /Biology/Environmental Microbiology
Institutional activities
Deputy head for research at the Department of Biology. Chairman of the Department of Biology research committee.

Other affiliations

Adjunct professor, Plant Functional Biology and Climate Change Cluster, Universuty of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Visiting professor, Singapore Centre on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, Nanyang technological University, Singapore.

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