Tanvi Taparia

Tanvi Taparia

Assistant Professor

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    I work to develop sustainable and systemic solutions to facilitate the green transition in agriculture, via both research & communication. 

    As a scientist, I harness the potential of microbes naturally associated with modern crops. Presently, I lead the 'Plant-Microbiome' team within the research group of Prof. Søren Sørensen at the Section of Microbiology. 

    As a communicator, I am deeply involved in outreach and popular-science. I have organised diverse events, scientific conferences, research networks, workshops and activities in India,  Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark. Currently, I coordinate the Postdoc Network at the Dept of Biology. 


    Primary fields of research

    I have a keen interest in agro-ecological problems, in the interface of microbial ecology, soil ecology, plant pathology, and chemical ecology. This includes a broad range of activities such as deciphering host-microbiome interactions, identifying disease suppressive microbiomes, and designing ecological disease control strategies. I also work to characterise novel soil-borne pathogens and pathobiomes. 

    Current research

    Presently, I am leading a large-scale isolation, characterization and screening of novel soil bacteria associated with potato fields to develop consortia-based biological control agents. This involves the design of communities of host-associated microbes that can synergistically reinforce each other in order to prevent attacks from soil-borne fungal pathogens in open field cultivation

    Fields of interest

    Apart from research, I am also the co-founder and co-organizer of the BIO Postdoc Network, which is a support network for young researchers to connect, develop and collaborate with each other. As part of which, I conceptualize, budget and organize both professional and social events for postdocs.  

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