Dean Jacobsen

Dean Jacobsen

Associate Professor

Current research


I’m interested in basic and applied stream ecology, focusing on function, spatial distribution and temporal variability in diversity and composition of benthic macroinvertebrate communities and eco-physiological performance along environmental and geographical gradients in e.g. altitude, temperature and oxygen. Currently, I am working mainly with structure and function of tropical glacial streams in the highAndes.



  • Basic ecology (Almen økologi)
  • Field course III (Limnologi))
  • Biodiversity (Biodiversitet)
  • Freshwater macrofauna, field course (Makrofauna i ferskvand: Økologi og miljøbedømmelse)
  • Freshwater ecology (Ferskvandsøkologi)
  • Ecology and management of nature and semi-nature areas


Current research projects

  • Evotrak - Vulnerability of Tropical and Temperate Stream Biodiversity to CC. PI. LeRoy Poff. (NSF,USA)
  • Melting glaciers and biodiversity in high Andean streams. PI: Olivier Dangles (Senacyt, Ecuador)
  • Streams and lakes on the Tibetan Plateau. PI. DJ. (Carlsberg Foundation)
  • Chronic pesticide impact on benthic communities PI. DJ (DK Environm. Agency)
  • Bio-Thaw:Biological effects of glacial melting on tropical high-Andean wetlands PI. Olivier Dangles (FRB, France)
  • Development of a biological pesticide indicator for danish streams PI. Nikolai Friberg (DK Environm. Agency)


Other current activities

  • Member of the Danish censorship team in biology
  • Member of the steering committee for the Danish national pesticide research program
  • Invited member of the FEMG expert group (under Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program)
  • Dept. of BIO representative for the faculty of Science committee for developing country strategy
  • Invited member of the Mountain Research Initiative/International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme working group “Changes in the Mountain Cryosphere and Their Downstream Impacts”
  • Frequent referee for 25+  international journals (including e.g. Ecology, Oikos, Oecologia, Ecol. Monographs, Limnol. & Oceanogr., Global Ecology and Biogeography, Nature Climate Change).
  • Referee for science foundations such as: NSF (USA), NERC (UK), Ecofondo (Ecuador), IFS (Sweden), Foncyt (Argentina) and National Geographic Society (USA), Estonian Research Council.
  • Journal editorial board member: Limnetica (Spain), Actualidades Biológicas (Colombia),
  • Section Editor: Inland Waters (SIL - Freshwater Biological Association).

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