GRADCATCH - Using natural environmental GRADients to decipher the adaptation of soil microbial Communities to climATe CHange

Climate change has large effects on most biomes on Earth. This includes effects on soil microorganisms and their activity, which in turn may affect the release of greenhouse gases and the turnover of nutrients important to plants. Despite their importance, these effects are poorly understood by the scientific community. The overall aim of GRADCATCH is to unravel the effects of climate change at regional and global scales on soil microorganisms and their feedbacks on climate. To accomplish this, GRADCATCH will study trans-continental natural gradients in aridity, latitude and altitude.<span class="EOP SCXW232127227 BCX0" data-ccp-props="{" 201341983="" :0="" 335559740="" :259=""> 









Name Title
Aline Frossard Tenure-track research scientist
Anders Priemé Professor
Anna Doménech Laboratory assistant
Anna M. Rómani Professor
Han Xingguo Post doc
Jean-Baptiste Ramond Assistant professor
Joan Pere Casas-Ruiz Post doc
Luis Bañeras Vives Associate professor
Steven Allison Professor

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