24. januar 2022

Josefin Stiller receives Villum Young Investigator


Josefin Stiller from the Department of Biology receives the distinguished Villum Young Investigator from the VILLUM FONDEN. The grant is in between 6-8 mDKK. The grant has been given to 16 research talents within technical and scientific research.

Josefin Stiller has received the grant for the project 'Genomic insights into evolutionary novelties in seahorses, pipefishes and seadragons´.

Josefin Stiller, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen

The project will investigate the genomic changes associated with traits that evolved repeatedly in distantly related species. The team will use comparative genomics and population genetics to reconstruct the molecular evolution of syngnathids, one of the most distinctive groups of fishes which show a suite of both new and repeatedly evolved traits.

The funds will be used to train one PhD student and one postdoc, to generate data and conduct fieldwork.

Read the press release from VILLUM FONDEN here